Why TCT?

The problem and fraud with cryptos, tokens, icos, idos, etc.

  • While a great revolution has come to the world of cryptocurrencies and tokens, it is also true that the use of cybercrime has thrived without limits and has affected one of the best industries, Network Marketing, and tokenization businesses have returned. where creators only seek personal performance and abandon their own community.
  • Also the use of bad practices and misleading information to offer cryptocurrency projects or tokens where worthless coin bundles are sold that do not thrive in the market and multiple bankrupt businesses, exchanges and cryptocurrencies.
  • For this reason the market has become more demanding when it comes to offering a sustainable project and that is where we come in with a solid and real product that provides SECURITY AND REAL SUPPORT.

The TCT solution

  • TCT is born with the vision and premise of being part of and being a fundamental player in the new era of Blockchain technology; making space by combining two important agents such as “commodities” and “Blockchain Technology” to break into the heart of all countries and standardize a value at a regional level for a currency of daily use and global reach.
  • For years the Referral Marketing Industry had tried unsuccessfully to be part of the crypto market, giving rise to pyramid schemes, frauds, ponzi scams, dubious businesses like Madoff, EverGrande in 2021 and hence the loss of credibility in the real estate sector but now with TCT the wait is over, the perfect fusion between the commodities model and all types of assets and a Crypto Ecosystem, giving rise to a TCT in the market, with guaranteed adoption and usability.

Train and grow

All holders of the TCT currency will have the possibility to use it for our products and services in our partners.

The currency was created to have a high demand for usability, use it in our growth and development tools to increase your skills in the digital world.


Crest Chain is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate the transmission of knowledge and value across networks. It empowers users to develop and deploy smart contracts, build decentralized applications, tokenize assets and participate in governance.

Crest Chain stands out as the best choice in the blockchain world. Offering the common advantages of other blockchains and effectively addressing key issues such as connectivity, scalability, high costs and interoperability, Crest Chain is the obvious choice for those looking for a reliable, efficient and versatile blockchain solution. Join us in the future of blockchain technology with Crest Chain!

  • Compete with established networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Reduce fees while maintaining network security and efficiency.
  • Foster a strong, collaborative community.
  • Ensure interoperability with the broader Web3 ecosystem.
  • crestchain is scalable because of its POA protocol that enables enhancement of the other operational layers.
  • Foster innovation through developer support and resources.
  • Navigate regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving landscape.

It was born with the vision of incorporating blockchain technology in commodities. Today coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. TCT will tokenize Colombian coffee and its derivatives.

As our MyCoffee ecosystem advances, we will generate a system of franchises that will be represented in “physical” points of sale (see videos on our official Youtube channel) which any crypto holder will be able to visit nationally in Colombia and abroad by our representatives. These points of sale will provide usability to TheCrest Token, generate liquidity with sales and return to the ecosystem so that the transformation of sales is reflected in greater support to the community with the value of the Token.

Unlocking nature’s healing potential with CBD products.
Recovering highly effective ancestral solutions by delivering you the purest and best quality products and solutions on the market.

But that’s not all. We are committed to the forefront of innovation, and to further empower our products and benefit more people, we have integrated blockchain and other advanced technologies into our approach. This not only ensures accessibility and speed, but also allows us to offer unmatched transparency, quality and efficiency.


Discover the revolution in ecosystem tokenization! At TCT, we have transformed the way high-value assets are backed. Thanks to our strong alliance with leading partners like Mycoffe and Blome Life, we guarantee unparalleled security in every token we create.

But that’s not all: our own state-of-the-art blockchain offers extremely low transaction costs, ensuring that your transactions remain efficient and cost-effective. At TCT, we’re leading the way to a more robust and accessible financial future.

Join us and experience tokenization like never before!




All commercial activity is the absolute will and responsibility of the independent distributor, we are not investment advisors, nor do we work with securities. Consult an expert for advice.

All commercial activity is the absolute will and responsibility of the independent distributor, we are not investment advisors, nor do we work with securities. We are not investment advisors, nor do we work with securities.

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